The mission of the MGH Center for Human Genetic Research (CHGR) is to promote the application of the powerful tool set that genetics provides to investigate fundamental mechanisms involved in all areas of human disease. The central mandate of the CHGR is the promulgation of the Genetic Research Cycle, a paradigm for disease research that begins by comparing human phenotypes and genetic variation to identify genes of importance in human disease, then moves on to characterizing the mechanisms by which the underlying DNA differences lead to phenotypic differences in disease using models driven by human genotype-phenotype relationships, and is completed when the knowledge gained delivers benefit back to the patient population in the forms of improved diagnosis, disease management and treatments. The CHGR aims to pursue this mission by emphasizing individual and collaborative faculty investigations in confluence with this genetic research cycle paradigm.

See video: Dr. James Gusella, Director of the CHGR, sits down with Proto Magazine
to discuss how this paradigm is moving forward. See full article.

In the News

Join us in congratulating Dr. Vamsi Mootha, who was recently inducted as a member of the National Academy of Sciences in recognition for his "distinguished and continuing achievements in orignial research". Please click here for more information.

The American Society of Human Genetics has named Dr. Mark Daly as a recipient of the Curt Stern Award
for his outstanding contributions to the field of genomics and his leadership in gene discovery.

Simches   Research   Building

The center occupies 52,000 square feet of laboratory, office and clinical research space in the new Simches Research Building on the main MGH campus. Our center is fully equipped for all aspects of genetic, cell biology and molecular biology research including Genomics/Genetics, DNA Sequencing, DNA Preparation, Cell Line Banking, Monoclonal Antibody Production, Confocal Microscopy, Cellular Assays and Chemical Screening and Clinical Genetics Core Facilities. The CHGR is surrounded by several other thematic centers with complementary capabilities and resources, including the Center for Regenerative Medicine, the Center for Integrative and Computational Biology, the Center for Systems Biology, and the Center for Photobiology, as well as the Department of Molecular Biology.

Center for Human Genetic Research
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