Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School

Staff Psychiatrist,
Massachusetts General Hospital

Center for Experimental Drugs and Diagnostics,
Massachusetts General Hospital

Associate Director,
Psychiatric Genetics Program
in Mood and Anxiety Disorders,
Massachusetts General Hospital

Roy  Perlis,  M.D.,  M.Sc.

Roy Perlis, MD, MSc is the Director of the Center for Experimental Drugs and Diagnostics (CEDD) and Associate Director of the Psychiatric Genetics Program in Mood and Anxiety Disorders in the MGH Psychiatry Department. He is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and serves as a consultant to the American Psychiatric Association's bipolar treatment guidelines workshop. He graduated from Brown University, Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, and he completed his residency, chief residency, and clinical/research fellowship at MGH before joining the faculty.

Dr. Perlis' research and clinical work is focused on treatment resistant mood disorders, including bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder. Current research efforts include identifying genetic variations in populations with mental health disorders, exploring variations that might predict treatment response or other behaviors, and developing cost-effective methods for future genetics research using algorithms to search medical record databases. Dr. Perlis has authored more than 200 articles reporting original research, as well as numerous book chapters and reviews. His research has been supported by awards from NARSAD, NIMH, NSF, the American Philosophical Society, the Bowman Family Foundation, and the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, among others. In 2010 Dr. Perlis was awarded the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's Klerman Young Investigator Award.

In recent years, the laboratory of psychiatric pharmacogenomics has focused with increasing scale and depth on clinical translation of genetic research; In the summer of 2011, it was re-configured as the Center for Experimental Drugs and Diagnostics (CEDD) to reflect the breadth of its efforts. As director, Dr. Perlis was promoted to Associate Professor; secured R01-level funding from both NIMH and NSF; co-founded two major pharmacogenomics consortia; and received awards including the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance's Young Investigator Award and multiple mentorship awards from MGH. Dr. Perlis and his collaborators have published more than 50 papers over the past 5 years, including the first genomewide association studies of lithium response and suicide risk, the first meta-analysis of antidepressant response GWAS, and the first cost-effectiveness models of pharmacogenomic testing in psychiatry. The group's recent cross-departmental collaborative efforts within CHGR include investigations of the contribution of antidepressants to stroke risk (with Jonathan Rosand), neuroimaging and genetic investigation of the role of expanded Huntingtin alleles in mood disorders (with James Gusella and Marcy MacDonald), copy number variation in psychiatric disease (with James Gusella), rare variants in psychiatric disease (with Mark Daly and Ben Neale), and antipsychotic effects on metabolism (with Alex Soukas). Most notably, the group has developed an extremely productive collaboration in developing cellular models of neuropsychiatric disease with Steve Haggarty and his laboratory.

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